Have you heard about the Mentos Candy/Diet Soda craze, as reported on National Public Radio?  If you want to be a part of the action, you need a Cola-Cano power tube!
This creative tool lets anyone experience the excitement of a backyard eruption.  With a roll of Mentos candy, a 2-liter bottle of diet cola and the Cola-Cano power tube, you can send your soda blasting up as high as 12-15 feet!  The Cola-Cano power tube lines up your candy for smooth delivery and lets you safely launch from a distance, without getting soaked!
The Cola-Cano screws right onto a 2-liter bottle, holds an entire roll of Mentos candies, lets you trigger your eruption with a rip-cord, and ensures maximum height and concentration.
Click the image above for video
of Cola-Cano in action!